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Alex Dee 05-07-2008 04:37 PM

sta sta studder
i have a 98 e36 318ti now with almost 300 000km heres the problem when i acclerate the car like jerks sometimes, pulls then not and when its not pullin (keep in mind my foot is down on the pedal the entire time) it makes a little poppin sound fromt the exhaust, now i figure either i am haveing a ignition problem like no spark or i am haveing a fuel problem or both, this problem NEVER occurs during a consistan rpm or when decellerating (oh and sometimes the car will just turn off) any ideas suggestions, has this happened to anyone be4 and could it be the csps(camshaft positioning sensour)?

thank you

Mickey Knox 05-07-2008 06:58 PM

there are several things that could be, but all fairly easy to check:

spark plugs: check the color of the plugs, should be light brown and dry
Air Filter: dirty, not properly mounted etc.
Air Leak: the rubber boots in your intake tract can crack
Ingition coils/wires: not sure how to properly check those
O2 sensor: not sure how to check it either, i think it should throw and engine code when it gets real bad, but mine didnt trip and replacing it fixed the problem

if you havent changed plugs in a while and ther air filter you might as well just give her a tune-up and not even guess about the state of the current ones.

good luck

DANE 05-08-2008 08:46 AM

i had the same problem and i changed the ignition coils and it ran perfect after

ShortShifter 05-08-2008 09:12 AM

Dane you get your car painted yet?

Alex Dee 05-08-2008 12:08 PM

why would all the coils crap out at once?

DANE 05-08-2008 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by ShortShifter (Post 1150294)
Dane you get your car painted yet?

NAH not yet just been busy taking care of other things plus the guy needs a month to do everything

PedroBMW 05-08-2008 09:03 PM

sounds like misfire do to something, like was said, change your plugs and see where that gets you as a first step.

EDIT: Make sure you buy the right plugs, don't go buy some of tose bosch platinum plugs or anything, those especially make these cars run poorly. Just buy the recommended stock plug.

soon2b-e 05-09-2008 02:22 AM

^^ what he said, buy the OEM replacements, and have your coils checked out, you can do that with a simple ohm meter, chances are you are getting voltage to your ocils, but make sure they are a stable voltage, and check out some DIY sites to check the coils to see if they are in proper working order

As for alex dee's question, they might not crap out all at once, if 1 takes a poop, you only have 5 cylinders working, and that definately sucks, that also makes the other coils have to work that much harder because of 1 lagged cylinder, so in turn they go and take a poop too, slowly, but surely...

Alex Dee 05-09-2008 12:47 PM

thank you for all ur help i do as a matter as a fact have the bosh plugs and i will check out all the suggested items and will keep u updated

Alizay 05-22-2008 01:11 PM

I'm getting the same problem lately... I changed the fuel filter, but it was due for changing for a while now.

How often does an O2 sensor need to be changed?

tboy356 05-22-2008 11:32 PM

do u have a check engine light on ?

could be crankshaft positioning sensor.

i had to replace mine.. my problems started like that.. then i took the old one out and the plasic over the wires would cumble when i would bend it.

Alizay 05-23-2008 09:13 AM

The light used to come on and stay on, then it was every now and then, and now it rarely comes on at all. The first time I noticed the check engine light on, the whole car started rumbling like there was an exhaust manifold leak or something. It was really loud too. But that went away on its own, Thank God.

How much did it cost you to replace the crankshaft positioning sensor? Was it an easy fix? I'm thinking its either the coil pack, spark plugs, or some sensor. Can't be the air filter or fuel filter, I changed that recently.
A couple years ago when I had problems like this it turned out to be the o2 sensor.

Alex Dee 05-26-2008 10:01 AM

u know what my check engin is on for that reason its been on for about a year for that reason but never did this before how much are the cam shaft positioning sensour

Alex Dee 05-28-2008 03:25 AM

i did a tune up check all my electrical connections and now my car only studers or whatever u call it in high rpm any suggestions?

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