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ProStreetDriver 06-09-2014 11:17 PM

Self Defense Question
Recently a friend of mine had a little road rage happen to him in a parking lot. Long story short, some old guy freaked out at him for slowing down to say hi to a friend, after he parked the car, the old guy kicked his car. Apparently he left a scuff on the bumper and the car that it happened to, well it's his baby. He just shrugged it off, which I was really surprised about. I can't say I've ever seen him angry either. His car is pretty much a show car, it is absolutely spotless, he won't even drive it in the rain and has a fair amount of money invested in it! Anyway, so if a similar scenario such as this happened to anyone, can one do something about this??? I bet there is some people out there that wouldn't just let this go. He's in his 20s and I know going against an older person, the cops will favor the older person. I was wondering is one say used pepper spray as in self defense and claimed they felt threatened. I've had a few cases in the past where someone tried to run me off the road and I was minding my own business. There is definitely enough screwballs out there and it's nice to know ahead of time what can be done in a situation so one doesn't go too far and get themselves in trouble.

propr'one 06-09-2014 11:58 PM

no. you can't ever use force against someone who is not immediately threatening you. call the cops, sue them for damages, or know you're outside of the law taking things into your own hands.

i used to be the kind of person who would feel good about kicking the shit out of someone in that situation. now i feel much better when i manage to walk away. its a much better way to live, kudos to your buddy.

Slowered318 06-10-2014 12:19 AM

Not just old farts, people in general have very little patience behind the wheel. Each and every time I go for a drive somebody will honk and totally freak out because I slow down for a massive pot hole mine field in the road. Sorry but that's just life if you're gonna drive behind me. LOL

I gotta say, kicking the wrong persons car could get you in a lot of pain. Unfortunately your hands are tied legally speaking as your car is an inanimate object, assault charges could get thrown at you pretty easily. As propr'one said, you're not allowed to use force (pepper spray, bat, hammer, axe, firearms) to defend your personal property. Might get off the hook if you have a woman with you, cops will generally side with you if she felt threatened but it's a big stretch.

BigD 06-10-2014 12:34 AM

Self-defense laws are all about objective common sense. If you have to ask then the answer is almost certainly no. Situations where you would be justified in hurting another human being should not leave any question. So much so that your physical ability is taken into account. I asked a cop buddy about using a firearm in a confrontation. He said one on one, there's pretty much no way I'm not going to jail if I have a gun and the other party doesn't. A 100 lb woman on the other hand, would likely go free after shooting me if I attacked her.

If you really care about the subject, read everything you can find by Marc MacYoung. His no-nonsense self-defense page is a great starting point. You can begin almost anywhere, it's interlinked between subjects. I guess any part is as good as another...

damameke 06-10-2014 12:48 PM

Your friend after looking at the scuff on the bumper was a minor
thing n decided to walk away, good thing though.

A bad decision on minor shit might caused serious consequences

ProStreetDriver 06-10-2014 04:26 PM

Thanks for the info everyone! I wasn't too sure, I know even with protecting your own home from a robbery the law can be iffy. Kind of funny how the law protects more the criminal or the person in the wrong than the person not starting anything.

Even with it being a scuff and the guy using physical contact as anger against someone's property, he is definitely in the wrong to begin with. But then again the cops will just say the scuff could have been there before or it isn't worth filing.

I had an incident long long time ago, my parents and I live in a condo and it was a shared parking lot. Everything that lived there was middle aged to older, besides this younger girl who was in her late 20s. She was pretty much the village bicycle and didn't take a liking to us. The one night she was drunk with her friends and threw a load of bread all over my truck, left a small light dent in the hood and her and her friends hand prints were all over the whole truck. I kept my truck spotless and it was black, so it was very easy to see it. We called the cops, OPP came down and took her story first. Then he came to us and started accusing us and causing problems. I tried to claim the dent and he said "oh that was probably there before".

propr'one 06-10-2014 06:09 PM

you should've turned that girl out. that's where you went wrong.

Slowered318 06-10-2014 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by propr'one (Post 1650235)
you should've turned that girl out. That's where you went wrong.

+1 lol!

Nick_V 06-10-2014 10:54 PM

If the guy got hot enough over that to kick your buddy's car, who knows how far he was willing to take it. Don't underestimate some of those crazy old bastards! Regardless of who might have kicked who's ass, your buddy did the right thing as a situation like that could escalate into something crazy pretty fast. Let him have his hissy fit and laugh about it later. Hopefully it buffed out.

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