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TheMadChigga 12-21-2005 01:44 AM


M3speed 12-21-2005 01:47 AM

wtf?????? is right!!! :eek: :eek: with their kid in the car!!! OMG!! ahahhahahahaha thats ****ed

Understated 12-21-2005 01:48 AM

i'm not surprised a few years ago iremember flipping channels landing on cops....and they busted some essai doing it in the backseat with his girl with their KID in the front seat :confused:

what kinda TWISTED mofo does it in the car with their KID right there :confused:

Justin e36 12-21-2005 02:27 AM

Sadly, I have to admit I know girls like that. Maybe not in the car, as around the house with the children watching.

propr'one 12-21-2005 02:30 AM

yeah they say as young as like 9 months old or something they can register it subconciously. When my goddaughter was born i did some reading about kids just to be informed or whatnot. Kids are surprisingly perceptive even at very young ages, and shit can stay with them into adulthood as serious issues.

paul christians 12-21-2005 02:30 AM

This so bad, in so many way it is not even funny!!!!!

325isRED 12-21-2005 03:50 AM

where is that?

James325I 12-21-2005 05:07 PM

That so F@#ked up!:eek:

E30 Girl 12-21-2005 05:10 PM

WTF is right!!!


mirek 12-21-2005 05:18 PM


///Maluco 12-21-2005 06:37 PM

Something about that image tells me that might not be MOM or DAD.

Whichever one it is...that is WRONG!

Just plain WRONG!!!

Primus 12-21-2005 06:42 PM

ok look at the surounding area..... they probally just as dirty as their house

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