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M50E30 10-05-2002 11:34 AM

Saab Enhanced Driving School
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So I went to the Saab School for the second time this year yesterday at Shannonville Motorsport Park ( with empowerd and straight_6.

I was the radio jockey and start/finish flag man for the full course which was the last half of the day. straight_6 was start/finish for the Fabi configuration for the first half. Also empowerd was doing his training to be an instructor (I didn't get pics of...but the egg got some lap time). It is really interesting to learn how these events run and I do have to say it is run very good. So next year I want to see a maXbimmer event held at Shannonville to show our support for maX and BMW (and if you do attend please leave the ego at home since this is an enhanced driving school not an open lapping day!)


WELL TIME FOR PICS!!! Please bear with me...I was busy and didn't get the best of shots.

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:37 AM

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Course split into 2 configuations...Fabi (far) for the advanced drivers getting laps in and Nelson (near) for the other classes learning the excercises (ie: slalom, collision avoidance, and high speed braking)

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:39 AM

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U can see the far group of cars are the advanced class rippin' up Fabi and the near course the line up for the collision avoidance.

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:41 AM

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Ah! The lovely and very fun skid track (flooded with water to get controlled slides down pat *love*)! I can't wait to get on that myself!

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:42 AM

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An M Coupe near the start/finish on the full course. I do say that every event I go to that i'm more and more impressed with the M Coupe! I have to get one of those! They are like an insane rollerskate on crack!

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:47 AM

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Same spot but now a Viper. Now talk about power! V-10! *mw*

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:49 AM

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Mr. M Coupe was doing so well he didn't need an instructor in his class near the end.


M50E30 10-05-2002 11:50 AM

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Same with the Viper!

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:51 AM

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An other car that impressed me was the RSX Type S. He definatly had some mods to get that puppy movin'!

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:52 AM

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M50E30 10-05-2002 11:55 AM

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Yep! Thats right! No your eyes are not messed up! It is a Chevrolet S-10! It was a 5-speed with some suspension mods and it did get around the track way better than I expected! LOL!

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:57 AM

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Hey Mr. Probe! You keep forgetting to put that sunroof down! LOL! Not a biggie since it is just tilted up but next time he came in I gave him one of these...

M50E30 10-05-2002 11:59 AM

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Whats that? A Saab! LOL! Even tho it is a Saab event as you can see that anything that can pass a tech inspection can attend (BTW Rob why aren't you there? By the sounds of it you need to brush up!) :D

M50E30 10-05-2002 12:00 PM

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A4...I think this was the car empowerd was in most of the day.

M50E30 10-05-2002 12:01 PM

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911 TT *love*

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