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E30gal 07-17-2009 09:41 PM

Chrome or plastic bumpers for 1990 E30 cab?
Hi everyone,

I'm currently pimping my ride... *love* and its currently in the shop getting ready for its paintjob. My dilemma is ... that I'm torn between keeping my chrome bumpers or putting on plastic bumpers. I know my car will look nice either way... so I'm asking for your opinions... to help me decide.

PS: I have a complete original racing dynamics package that includes the front spoiler, side cabrio skirts, rear apron and wing.


Old_School 07-17-2009 10:27 PM

I went plastic. I just can't abide the diving boards' appearance. If Euro bumpers were more readily available I might have gone with them, but plastic is not hard to find and an easy swap on a cabrio.

However, if your RD kit is for the diving boards, go with the chrome.

Robb 07-18-2009 12:00 AM

You said you're pimping out your ride, so obviously you'd want the aluminum bumpers. :D
If it was me, Id get the plastic bumpers.. Looks more updated.
Btw, they are not 'chromed' bumpers, they are brushed/polished aluminum .

Ceeker 07-18-2009 10:55 PM

You can drill out the shocks and tuck your aluminum bumpers to make them look Euro or you can go plastic. Plastic makes the car look cleaner, lighter, and more updated. There is a reason BMW went this route. They began improving on the overall design as they started making more coin.

everlast 07-19-2009 02:39 AM

I'd go with plastics up front and back, side cabrio skirts (hard to find) and the front spoiler if it fits under the plastic bumper, otherwise, IS lip.

richie_s999 07-19-2009 07:38 AM

Michelle, can you post pic's of the car right now, I'd loke to see is with the racing dynamics kit on it....from what I remember that was a good looking car. There are alot of car out there with the metal bumper that look great sometimes it's just getting the right rims to get the style right.

E30gal 07-19-2009 08:33 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a pic of my ride. It's in the shop getting a new paint job... the rd kit will look a lot better after with the shop's fixing them too. My rims are weak
:(... lol... but I'm on a mission searching for some type a borbets or some Azev(s)
I'm missing the lower rocker molding... hence why I'm looking for that upper side skirt piece to cover that area.
Let me know if you think my rd kit will look better with plastic bumpers or if i should just keep the original ones.

Thanks again

richie_s999 07-19-2009 08:42 AM

Keep the origional's tuck them and paint them black or the same color as the car. I am selling a set of 16 inch TSW basket weaves (getting the same in 17's next weekend) which might look good on the car. you can see pics of them on my car in the Durham meet thread

its the black e30 with the textured paint.

you should come out to the meet July 26th, get some idea's from they guy's and girl's who have come out.

jeremy 07-19-2009 08:42 AM


dble Trouble 07-19-2009 04:26 PM

^^ x 2.............PLASTIC!

matty.dc 07-19-2009 04:59 PM

i would go plastic all the way thats what i did

Alex Dye 07-19-2009 11:18 PM

will plastic fit on an 87 325? i heard even with HEAVY mods it will still look like crap, true or false?

ACS_DAN 07-19-2009 11:51 PM


Originally Posted by Alex Dye (Post 1326663)
will plastic fit on an 87 325? i heard even with HEAVY mods it will still look like crap, true or false?

I agree, the 88+ has sort of a lower rear valence that is part of the body. When swapping 87 and lower that valence isn't there and I personally think it doesn't look that great.

88+ car with plastic bumpers, note the lower rear valence.

87 and earlier build car with plastic bumper, note the lack of lower rear valence.

Spare wheel well is visible.

Sorry for the huge picture.

matty.dc 07-20-2009 01:55 AM

lol believe me there are no heavy mods involved in it. I did it on my car and most people dont even know its converted until i point out that my car has the small body rear tails and not the bid body bigger tails.

BMWnoob 07-20-2009 12:06 PM

diving boards FTW! coming from a fellow vert owner lol

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