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thinair 12-14-2002 10:53 PM

M50/2 internal swapability.
He's a load of questions for the knowledgable....

I'm just curious, are the cranks on any US m50/2 engine swappable between engines of different displacement? aka a 3.2L m52 crank into in a 2.8L m52 to make it 3L? Yes, I know i'd need rods and software (at the least) to make it work also, along with making sure I don't raise the compression past 10.5:1 and to keep the valves from slamming into the pistons. Is that kind of tuning doable with ODBII, or is that a strictly an ODBI type mod? (Like the 2.9L conversions to 2.5L m50's using m3 internals)

Also, are all the M50/2 block basically the same, could the non-M car blocks (84mm bore) be bored to that of a M3 (86-86.4mm bore) and just use larger diameter pistons? What is the largest bore anyone has pulled off on an M3 block? (I've heard of some 3.3's).

Just tossing some ideas around in my head, that's all. Keeping in mind most of the work would be DIY (minus what I'd have to take to a machine shop). Maybe selling a 328 engine and buying an M3 engine would be cheaper (no labour costs for the swap, DIY also).......I'll keep on thinking here....

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