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VSanj 12-09-2006 11:38 AM

New NAS album Download Link
Justin e36 says: This is the official MP3 downloads thread. If you are going to share a link or file, PLEASE code your links. This means to type [code] before and [/code] after the hyperlink.

Thread idea courtesy of Zimmie.


Album is called Hip Hop is Dead....releasing on dec 19.


VSanj 12-10-2006 01:27 AM

New Black Moon Album Download
Link to the new blackmoon album called Alter the Chemistry"

Wow..............i cant believe blackmoon is back....some serious oldschool, i havent heard the album yet but im sure it is dope.
enjoy peeps!


UncleJ 12-10-2006 01:51 AM

That isn't the new Blackmoon album, that's just a remix album of Buckshot & 9th Wonder's "Chemistry" album.

And it's also like 2 months old.

VSanj 12-10-2006 01:28 PM

New Mos Def Album Download
Album is called true magik..............realeasing dec 19......Dec 10 on maxbimmer.

Havent heard it yet but im sure its dope.

Follow link than click the free icon bottom right of the page...once you enter from lix.

Enjoy peeps!!!!!!!!!

UncleJ 12-10-2006 02:32 PM

New Saigon video
Saigon - Pain In My Life (Feat. Trey Songz)

VSanj 12-10-2006 02:39 PM

Here some bonus tracks that were not on the album


VSanj 12-11-2006 06:00 PM

Ghostface Killah New Album Download
Album is called Morefish............his last album came out this march called fishscale.....kinda weak. So he releases another one 9 months later...havent heard it yet. Street release date is dec 12.



VSanj 12-12-2006 12:19 PM

New DJ Clue The Professional Part 3 Download
Here you go peeps,

Your gonna have to type this in to another window and and delete the part were it says............DELETE THIS.....sounds simple enough

Street release date is dec 19, Dec 12 on

Lots of guests on this album, kayne west, snoop dog, jadakiss, mike jones, the game, mobb deep

Not a mixtape album, actually has new tracks.......havent heard it yet


VSanj 12-12-2006 07:36 PM

New Biggie Album Download King of New York
Here you go peeps....

before anyone gets overly excited, this is not a official album.

some underground dj shouting etc, properly produced tunes.

Features, Nas, Tupac, The Lox, jay-Z, Puff Daddy

Take all the dots out of the link!!!!

My rating is 6.5/10...can i get with you is the best song



VSanj 12-12-2006 07:51 PM

New Tupac Album Download called Pac's Life
here u go peeps,

album came out nov 21st but im sure some of you on here would like to have it.......personally if i were tupac i would come back as makaveli and kill my moms for putting out some wack shit..........but its its still good!!!

remove the know what dots to keep!


VSanj 12-12-2006 08:17 PM

New AZ album download called the format
Yeah thats right................come out last month...........but Nas's protege AZ is back with a new album under his own independant label called quiet money records.

BEST HIP HOP TUNE OF THE YEAR......AZ the format produced by dj premier...track me im into hip hop and that tune is the BEST hip hop tune of the whole year hands down!


VSanj 12-14-2006 04:25 PM

Oldschool Souls Of Mischeif 93 Till Infinity
One of the better albums from back in the day for sure..........i remember bumpin this when i got my first car....opps i aged It wasnt a beema though, i was riding in true punjabi fashion...pontiac

erase the 3 ERASE THIS and eliminate the spaces


VSanj 12-15-2006 01:36 PM

Oldschool Big L Lifestyles Ov the Poor And Dangerous
This week im on some oldschool of the better old school albums for sure!!

Big L rest in Peace.


propr'one 12-15-2006 08:09 PM

[music - hiphop] Digital Underground - Sons of the P
VSanj, this one's for you bro.

Look out for another one in 2 mins.

propr'one 12-15-2006 08:11 PM

[music - hiphop] Guru - Jazzmatazz Vol 1

Great, great hiphop album. Please vote in the poll.


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