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MPRESION 01-11-2002 04:14 PM

ACS Aluminum Pedals... Group buy
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Ok, my contact just got back to me. If we get a minimum of 10 guys, the price is $65 each!! Let me know if anyone wants to proceed.

Lil'Smoothie 01-11-2002 04:31 PM

thast a great price, 65 canadian shipped? my guy hasnt gotten back to me but im pretty sure he wont be that cheap, singme up for a set of standard ones, ill see if my dad wants a set too

ThE bRoWn GuY 01-11-2002 05:07 PM

Sign me up too please.. aslong as they fit an e30 and the m badge comes off. Thanks

MPRESION 01-11-2002 05:16 PM


Originally posted by ThE bRoWn GuY
Sign me up too please.. aslong as they fit an e30 and the m badge comes off. Thanks
Yes they fit the E30 and yes the badges come off.

Bliss 01-11-2002 06:32 PM

$65?? get a set for me too then. they are alluminum right??

MPRESION 01-11-2002 06:34 PM

Yes, aluminum.

Derek330xi 01-11-2002 06:52 PM

$65 cdn including tax???

Bliss 01-11-2002 06:52 PM

LOL! crap, didnt quite read the title. It says "ALUMINUM":D Anyways, yeah is it with tax?

AzN_E46 01-11-2002 08:35 PM

do they have a set that fit tha steptronic??

AzN_E46 01-11-2002 08:36 PM

dun sign me up for it....i dunno if my bros gonna pay for it

Autotechnica 01-11-2002 11:55 PM

I'll see if I can get a better deal with 10 people buying. Afterall this is my business, I have to compete. :)

Anyways, I doubt we can get up to 10 people buying, but if you don't, my offer still stands at $85Cdn w/o group buy including all taxes.


Lil'Smoothie 01-12-2002 12:11 AM

put me down for two pairs

Lil'Smoothie 01-12-2002 12:12 AM

both standard

Bliss 01-12-2002 02:48 AM

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Here's some more info i found on them

ThE bRoWn GuY 01-12-2002 04:12 AM

My order is for manual as well... sorry forgot to mention that above

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