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captain E34 08-11-2013 12:53 PM

Cmon guys! hes just trying to fit in :(

SamE30e 09-16-2013 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by E Verty (Post 1600786)
The ONLY issue I have is exactly as you stated. I bought something second hand and I am having trouble getting support. Hence me asking for support from people who might have a WARchip.

Here's a quick lesson:

The "24 pound" means that the injectors have a flow rate per unit time at a constant duty cycle and supply pressure.

I can adjust:
-The injection duration wrt load-- Using the WARchip
-The pressure in the fuel rail wrt manifold pressure --using the rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

Therefore; I can dynamically adjust the amount of fuel entering the combustion chamber.

I can agree that this might not work well for the average setup. The conditions I have with the modifications from my bachelor thesis change how lean I can go.

RRFPRs often get a bad name because people dont know/dont care to tune and support them properly. They just say they don't work and get bigger injectors.

Thanks, and Please let me know if you have WARchip Tunes!!

You do realize that you're trying to preach to people who have experience in doing these types of things. And one of whom does it for a living....

If your statement was correct, then there would be no reason to buy larger injectors. If you put too much pressure through a small injector causes a terrible spray pattern and actually causes it to pour into the cylinder as opposed to a spray. Also, the duration can only be so long.

The E30 has enough options for after market management. The Miller W.A.R chip is for N/A car's that don't want to open source tune with a Moates. A PNP Megasquirt would be your best bet, it has the most features and is the most cost efficient.

Do what Devon and Sasha said from the start. Larger injectors, Megasquirt (Which will convert to speed density), and tune it... You won't regret it. Sell the W.A.R chip.

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