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South 06-22-2019 08:47 PM

No start, no fuel pressure
electrical and wiring diagrams....absolutely hate them

So i was driving in the rain and suddenly car died right after a pot hole. literally 30 meters from home. crank but no start. no codes.

its a 97 540i6...first thing i did was add gas because i was near empty.
glovebox and trunk fuses. all good.
then I unplugged fuel lines and viola no fuel.

so I gambled on a fuel pump replacement because i figured my driving habits of refueling when it gets to the line properly fried the pump.

nope. still have problem. fuel pump is not turning on.
I do have spark.

this is the point where you say....its your fuel relay...
well the one in the glovebox i can hear ticking on when i put in fuse 31. so its good?

the one in the rear I have no idea because there are 4 relays. 1 dark green. 3 identical light green ones. youd think k96 would be labelled somewhere on them, but nope.

so anyone have a clue which relay out of the 3 it is and which terminals on it to jump?

also. if i replace the glovebox and rear relays...and it still doesnt start...what then? crank position sensor i heard may be the culprit...

South 06-29-2019 01:52 PM

After replacing all the fuel relays and directing hooking up a battery to the fuel pump to make sure it works. turns out to be a bad ground wire.

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