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Darkness95m3 08-14-2005 01:16 PM

Demoralizing Race Wife vs Husband
I have been riding my motorcycle back and forth to work while trying to work out the bugs in my M3. I have noticed one good thing about riding the bike and that is nobody really picks on you, which is great. Every time I drove the M3 some body always tried to race me. It has been a long time since my last race, wondering when I’m going to get to experience another road victory.
Glancing to the right I look at my wife on her silver R6 and thinking to my self “hmmm” hell why not. Traveling at 120kmh with no cars ahead of us I honk my horn, she looks at me. I gesture to her with my left hand showing her 2 fingers and pointing down. She responds by nodding her head. The R6 lurches as its being shifted from 6th to 2nd.
Glancing at my instrument panel, noticing our speed to be still 110kmh, I decided to bring her down to 80kmh as I’m shifting my machine down to 1st “Yes you read correctly 1st”. Now I know what you are thinking. She is in 2nd and I’m in 1st at 80Kmh, please keep in mind we are both riding 600cc motorcycles however my wife has a 100 pound weight advantage over me, this would mean I’m 100 pounds heavier, just incase some of you wonder. In this case I think it’s perfectly fair after all a man has to do what he has to do to ensure a victory.

With my thoughts focused at the task ahead. I nod to my wife and #&^%! WTF she is on WOT. I crank my right wrist as fast as I could, with her bike now a full length ahead 12,000 13,000 apply light upward pressure with my left foot on the gear linkage 14,000 14,500 blip the throttle and the bike shifts into 2nd. Keeping my wife in sight and noticing her advance has slowed down to a crawl. Listening to the sound of my engine and blip of the throttle I’m in 3rd the R6 is still ahead by a length. She shifts into a higher gear I pull up almost evenly by her side. The R6 starts to pull away slightly my front tire by her rear tire blip the throttle I’m now a full bike length behind. As I watch my wife on her R6 start to put another bike length on me and my machine praying to God and hoping she would miss a shift. 14,000 14,500 shift, with my prayer not answered the R6 had tripled the lead. Then the unthinkable happens she sits up on her bike and releases the throttle.

Oh well another loss to my wife on straight line acceleration. Having said that I was very pleased how I only lost by 3 or 4 bike lengths. This however made me wonder “Why and how” Last year she got me by bus lengths. The answers to all of my questions will be answered as soon as we get home.
Upon arriving in our driveway and taking off our helmets I ask her the question, “What happened? You got me only by 3 or 4 bike lengths” I don’t know she responded. I shifted every time the white shift light came on. The horror of those words “white shift light” I realized I set her shift light to 10,500 Rpm. Oh well next time I’m going to take my GSXR750 race bike engine and place it in my GSXR600 this way I would have some chance, of course not telling her either.

SeRb 08-14-2005 02:15 PM

u were distracted when she was ahead of u cuz u were checkin out her ass

admit it thats why u couldnt/did not want to catch up


nice story as always

Justin e36 08-14-2005 03:40 PM

awe c'mon you were letting her win because you wanted a nice homecooked dinner when you got home. :)

there are tons of excuses a guy can use in these situations. ;)

good story.

windwagen 08-30-2005 01:29 AM

I raced my wife driving the Odyssey....duhhhh Ok, she had 3 kids so I had a weight advantage.

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