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AlpWhitE46 04-14-2003 09:28 PM

**1st Official Maxbimmer Contest**
We will be photoshopping this Lexus IS300

Contest ends on Monday April 21st (a week from now) voting will then preceed.


- Only one submission per member

- You can use ANY graphic program you choose. (this includes, 3D progs, rendering progs, and vector based progs)

- Files must be in JPG format only! NO BMPs, NO GIFs, NO TIFs, etc etc.

- Voting will be decided on later. Have fun!

AlpWhitE46 04-17-2003 02:27 AM

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Gamite 04-17-2003 03:13 AM

u forgot to slam it

AlpWhitE46 04-17-2003 03:10 PM

It was already slammed...i could have done some more stuff, but i wanted to keep it clean

AlpWhitE46 04-17-2003 03:48 PM

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here is the updated version..

coupe+mirrors :)

huckle 04-17-2003 04:17 PM

you`re disqualified, you send in more then one submission :)
no, but serious do some more to it, `cos afterall you`re the one with all the tutorials
I like the coupé thing though


AlpWhitE46 04-17-2003 05:05 PM

haha..well..i wanted to erase the other one but passed 30 hours or w/ i couldn't

huckle 04-17-2003 05:06 PM

ok you`re forgiven

BorN2RacE 04-17-2003 05:14 PM

mine not done yet, can i post what i have tho right now ?? lol

huckle 04-17-2003 05:20 PM

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NO!!! :)

here is mine, not finished yet


and don`t rip it apart for parts now eh ;)

BorN2RacE 04-17-2003 05:24 PM

man that look sick....sweet ps

BorN2RacE 04-17-2003 05:29 PM

1 Attachment(s)
ok heres mine....not done yet too lol

huckle 04-17-2003 05:34 PM

the mirror needs some color too ;) looks good


22b 04-17-2003 06:17 PM

Hey, for the next contest how about we take a rice honda and try to "unrice" it and make it look stock??? :D

1BADBMW 04-17-2003 06:49 PM

i like huckle's so far!

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