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Drein 07-19-2004 10:20 AM

New Meeting Place
Is anyone willing to show up at the Dundas/Winston Churchill Timmy's in Mississauga tomorrow, which will be Tuesday, July 19, 2004. Let's all meet up starting at 9:00 pm.

The Parking Lot is BIG also.. We can fit good numbers there..

Furthermore, I am signed up for ImportFest and I would appreciate some advice or tips on how I can win the BADDEST BMW. I already have a custom sound system built in.. so its a start... and I am willing to spend da money to win.. So plz help me out.. Thanks...

Drein 07-19-2004 10:27 AM

I just found an error in my posting.. Tuesday, July 20 .. not 19.. my bad..

Drein 07-19-2004 10:36 AM

I was just reading the info on postin for da meetin place.. so ya let's all go there have a good time... no ****ing around... no racing.. lets just behave and play it smart...

EricE330ci 07-19-2004 10:49 AM

Supposed to rain tomorrow....
Friday for sure. Check out the other thread.

Post your mods in the E46 section.
Lots and lots of modded E46's around here.

Drein 07-19-2004 10:53 AM

Alright... will do.. yeah.. its just falling water... it won't hurt us.. and we can all get free car washes.. haha

King Luis 07-19-2004 02:42 PM

Drein----is your car silver????
do you see a bunch of guys playing keep up with a soccer ball by that art store all the time????
*wave* *wave* *wave*

Drein 07-19-2004 02:47 PM

Nope, my car is Metallic BLue... you should hear my system when I drive.. its pretty loud.. I live in Port Credit.. close to Lakeshore..

Drein 07-20-2004 11:36 AM

I'm still meeting up today at 9:00 pm NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER IS... So whoever is down... Come by.. Winston Churchill/Dundas Timmy's

Drein 07-21-2004 02:32 AM

Well, I showed up and the turn out was 3 BMW's.... I was pretty disappointed... So, I hope to see more of us at the WINSTON CHURCHILL/DUNDAS Timmy's this FRIDAY, July 23..
Hope to see you guys there...

EricE330ci 07-21-2004 07:42 AM

Who went last night?

How was the turnout of the other cars? I've only been there on weekends so I don't know how many cars show up on the weekdays....:confused:

JeRsEy 07-21-2004 12:08 PM

i drove over there last night, but i was a little late... around 10:30pm
and there was one e36 that i saw right as i was pulling out...anyone from here?

Drein 07-22-2004 07:36 AM

Well... This Friday July 23rd... I hope to see A LOT MORE BMW's there... Since, I think it would be a more convenient meeting place than the one in Woodbridge. Reasons: 1) It has a WAY bigger parking lot. 2) Most of the names I have seen on da forums, the people are located in Mississauga. 3) It's more convenient for me.. lol

Drein 07-22-2004 08:18 AM

Howcome I cannot post any replies on Tuning Emotion Forums.. Is it because im a fairly new member still?

EricE330ci 07-22-2004 08:27 AM


Originally posted by Drein
Howcome I cannot post any replies on Tuning Emotion Forums.. Is it because im a fairly new member still?
Some threads are closed or locked.
You should be able to post as long as you are a registered member

Drein 07-22-2004 08:28 AM

Well... how do I know if im registered??.. Cause I did register.. Do I have to wait approval or something?

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