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BMW BMXer 12-27-2003 10:59 PM

No idle. Just chaos...
My car idles like crap. It goes from below 500 to 1 grand then back to about 300 stays there then goes to 1000 idles fine then up and down for a good while then back to 300 chug chug shudder shudder.

The SI lights go all funny when it does this, red yellow, red yellow, off. Oil Inspection Service, off.

Tinkered with the idle control valve that did not help at all. I think the problem is more serious. Make me want to sell my car serious...


it also smells really rich.

Wilf 12-28-2003 06:33 AM

I've had a similar thing happen 2x on my '88 325i - was the engine computer both times! Good news is they're getting cheap and easy to find on the used market. (also very easy to install)

'99 E36 M3 Convertible

Jon@Bimmersport 12-28-2003 07:56 AM

ur car was whining after u left my sounded so funny lol

BMW BMXer 12-28-2003 03:38 PM

You would whine too...
It's hurtin.

Bimmer Heaven 12-28-2003 04:52 PM

I think is power related (alternator/belts etc.) It the car is not getting enaugh charde all the electricarls start going crazy; gauges start missfunctioning, even the radio goes off, CD's start to skip etc...So check power first, if not check vacume leaks, E30 are very sensative to vacume leaks, even if you take off the oil cap or dip stick off, the car will run like shit....

BMW BMXer 12-28-2003 05:30 PM

Ill check. My alt was replaced in the summer. I tightened the belts just before this started happening.

I need some butane to find a vac leak... I hate maintenance.

Lil'Smoothie 12-28-2003 05:35 PM

make sure there isnt any holes in the hose(s) that connects the air box, I had one in my 325 and It did exactly what you are explaning. All I did was tape it up with elctric tape and the problem was fixed

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