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proctor 02-10-2015 01:33 AM

a bmw story and an e24
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Hey everyone, so this is a story that has a happy ending for all you enthusiasts out there! So since I was 12 and old enough to take go train I've always glanced over passing the long branch station at a bunch of random storage and shipping containers scattered about in a parking lot on the north side of the tracks. Anyway I always remembered seing this black Bmw coupe 20 feet in the air parked on top of a cargo containers roof. Anyway for many years (almost 12 I have always glanced at that car and thought nothing of it UNTIL NOW). So ladies and gentle men I came across an ad on Kijiji the other day for a 1984 Bmw 633csi coupe black hasn't run in 3 years for an Incredible sum of 750$! I immediately picked up the phone and sure enough the owner was selling that very special black coupe on top of the storage container! I asked about it and he explained he has 8 MORE Bmw just sitting in storage containers and he needs to let this one go as its just collecting dust (clearly). he said the ad said 750$ he wanted for it and he said it ran and drove until it was parked on cargo container. He said if I bring him 480 bucks the car is mine! No brainer I hopped in my trusty 528i E39 and boosted ti pay for this thing! The car just kinda fell into my hands like it was meant to be! Like it looks like a shark on the front! I've passed it everyday since I was 12 and just now she surfaces to be caught! I couldn't be more happier with this masterpiece however I need YOUR enthusiasts help :)

I paid for car and have keys and ownership etc. HOWEVER, I did not want to screw anything up so I did not attempt to start the bmw after its long 3 year slumber without first consulting you knowledgeable geniuses :). the only thing s I checked were to make sure brakes had pressure (they did) clutch still had pressure and throttle wasn't stuck, body is extremely good except for a small spot on sunroof etch etc. what must you guys recommend to start this car after 3 years? I slowly cranked it over by hand and it does turn freely.

So heres what I'm guessing just to get it to start correct me if I'm wrong? Put a small dab of engine oil in each spark plug hole and let sit overnight to avoid dry start, change oil, remove old gas and put new, new battery (obviously) and?? How might I free the brakes if they are stuck? I have not yet checked them. Coolant flush? tranny flush? I wanna make sure I don't kill the engine! I can do all this work myself!

Also does anyone have a spare 633 or 635 manual shift knob? Someone stole my wood one :(

Anyway inputting together a video of my experience even finding the car!

Heres a pic I took over ten years ago of it on top of the cargo bin. And the next pics are it now!

Sean2017 08-01-2018 11:29 PM

That’s a still for $450. Good Luck with the restoration.

konzelmann 08-12-2018 10:37 PM

Depending on how the restoration is going, if that car has sport seats, I'd potentially pay you more for the seats than you paid for the car! (seriously)

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