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Fel 08-28-2007 04:57 PM

In need of clutch knowledge..!
So the clutch is starting to slip.... hooray.

*par-t* *thmbsdwn*

But seriously... it's an e34, a 525. The clutch will have to be done in the short term, I can feel it starting to go under hard acceleration and the ol' 5th gear trick. I've been calling various garages, narrowing down my choices. Anyone know where I can get good work for a good deal?

Dealer quoted me 1140, labor and taxes, for replacement of the clutch. Flywheel was not part of the deal, obviously. They sell them for 1300-1400 bucks. Yeah, thanks. So I called a few places... they ranged from 950 down to about 680, parts and labour (Sachs 3 piece kit). Funny enough, one shop people rave about here (RMP) was at the low end, so I'm considering going there.

Is the price on par? what are people's experiences?

On another note, the flywheel was an interesting bit.... like I said, huge price at the dealer for a stock one. Now, online I've found ones for about the same price or a little cheaper. Then the same site lists an M5 one for roughly 600 bucks. I can also get a st-2 from UUC for roughly the same. If the flywheel needs to be replaced (hope it's machinable....) then am I safe going with one of these two options? I've heard of people using M5 ones, do they fit? And do they require anything like special bolts?

Any help would be appreciated!

Bimmer Heaven 08-28-2007 05:11 PM

First of all you are more then 99.9% sure not in need of a NEW flyweel! They get machined, for about $75 and come as new! So unless you have huge heat cracks, that can not be machined, you dont need a new one!

I would go to Bimmersport for the job, dont want to give you a price, but it should be on the low end ($6-700 i assume) for a pro job!

myndgone 08-28-2007 07:43 PM

call Mark at Mississauga Automatic Transmission, Charlie sends cars to him occassionally...

He's the owner of the place, used to work downtown for 15 years at Toronto Auotmatic Transmission, one of the most reputable shops for BMWs, Porsches, etc....has his own place now and he'll help you out...

1031 Meyerside Dr. Unit #3 Mississauga.

Tell him Senad sent you...see what he says, calls are free! :D

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