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Euro_7 10-29-2008 11:58 PM

Removing Power Steering Resevoir?
I heard that the resevoirs have a "lifetime" filter in them, but the fluid in my resevoir is pretty much black and i think its time for me to clean the system again, and while Im at it why not change the filter. However, the filter is not removable from the resevoir so I want to swap in a new resevoir.

Should i even attempt this, because i know the filter is crapped out. Does the power steering system have a bleeding screw or anything anywhere? Also, Iam sure that air will get into the system, but im not sure how i would go about bleeding it?

BTW, car is a 94 318i 5-speed.

doogee 10-30-2008 05:50 AM

Easy easy.

-Just disconnect the lines, let it all drain into a pan.
-Take the reservoir out. There's just one screw holding it in.
-Hook everything back up with the new reservoir in place. I recommend new lines and clamps to avoid any future leaks that WILL happen.
Then it's as easy as fill up the fluid, start the car and turn the wheel lock to lock slowly about 10 times. Keep your eye on the fluid and top it off if you need to.

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