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Creedy 01-05-2014 12:30 PM

Help please! No windows locks etc driver door
Hi folks I am new to the forum and truly hoping someone has had a similar problem. The driver door window switch on my 2005 X5 4.4 will not work any of the other windows. I cannot lock or unlock all the doors using the key likewise my alarm system will not lock and unlock the doors. I can raise and lower my driver window but he has lost the auto function I was thinking problem with the latch maybe it thinks the doors open all the time but when I drive it does not indicate door open. Reading forums it seems the problem was the window switch module spent $200 and guess what same problem! Yesterday I took the door latch out checked everything looks good but do I tried changing the door latch next?
Second question I am thinking of buying an X5 diesel 2011 how much should it cost to have it certified at the dealer please.

windwagen 01-05-2014 08:40 PM

Find someone local with a bmw scanner. Or get bmw scanner 1.4.0 on ebay. You can see what inputs are working to help diagnose your problem.

As for the diesel... Buy it certified. Also... Check out any issues with these things like urea injection codes before buying.

Creedy 01-06-2014 08:56 AM

Many thanks! Do you know what it usually costs for certification please
A dealer told me $3,500 but I seem to remember it was less than that the last time I bought it.

windwagen 01-06-2014 09:29 AM

If you mean certification for licensing.... It depends... If there is nothing wrong, then its just the cost of certifying. Usually 1 hr labour or about 100 bucks. If there are issues like worn brakes or worn suspension, add that to the cost. Its always better to buy certified to avoid those surprises. Try and negotiate that into the purchase price.

If you want a pre purchase inspection, that should also be 1 maybe 2 he's labour. I got no idea what you get for 3500. Maybe an aftermarket warranty?

Creedy 01-06-2014 09:47 AM

First off thank you very much for the urea tip frankly I hadn't even heard of it before but I can see is definitely something to stay on top of
As for the certified series when buying a used BMW the dealer can certify it by they do major inspection fix whatever needs to be fixed and your warranty is now essentially doubled your effectively have a car with brand-new warranty through Bmw to 140k as I recall on my last one. I have been quoted $3,500 to certify a 2011 and wanted to know if this is the going rate these days.

windwagen 01-06-2014 03:21 PM

In fact... check out the very next post on this forum! Can you guess why that guy is looking for a passive tank??? Check what he's driving....

The 3500 for certified series is essentially a insurance policy... Like you said,t he warranty is extended. Can you forsee having to pay 3500 worth of service on this thing? It would be worthwhile just for the passive urea tank alone... the other post says its's 2k without labour.

Creedy 01-06-2014 04:26 PM

actually I got the skinny on it. The dealer pays bmw $2,000 for the extended part and has to do a full inspection (I was told $150) The dealer also needs to put new tires on if they do not meet minimum spec plus brakes also.
I am assuming therefore that the dealer that told me $3,500 was figuring that he would need to put new tires plus brakes.
I have always bought certified used bmw cars and it has paid off in spades

windwagen 01-06-2014 08:33 PM

It's peace of mind, but you do pay for it.... Considering the urea tank issues, this would be a good idea...

Creedy 01-07-2014 08:22 AM

So no one ever have the window switch issues? It is acting like it thinks the door is open ( no auto up /down) interior lights do not come on when door opens and only the driver window works from that switch I have to reach over to lower the passenger. Anyway off to the dealer tomorrow

windwagen 01-07-2014 11:57 PM

You really need to diagnose it with the proper tools. You can try to probe with a meter, but it easier to scan with something.

Creedy 01-10-2014 10:32 AM

well we have a solution! in the end it finally went to the dealer and after a scan it was found out that some wires leading from the door to the a piller had broken. three hours later (five hundred bucks with tax) all is working. The annoying thing is that this was the first thing I checked I took the boot off the a piller and the wires looked fine, Now I have a brand new driver window switch module for sale! It is totally new (one week) and they can not take it back. anyone need a window switch mirror module?

windwagen 01-10-2014 06:47 PM

ughhhh - I hate to say it, but you should have bought one of the scanners I mentioned. These are dirt cheap and you could have diagnosed the problem yourself. In fact, you should still get one for future use. Besides scanning codes, you can reset service and oil indicators. And you can see inputs like your window buttons - or not see them if the wires are broken.....

Next - junkyard or BMW specific recyclers are your friend for parts! There are some on this forum that could help....

BMW usually takes parts back with a restocking fee....30% or something....

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