View Full Version : Nakamichi for E30

12-21-2007, 08:22 PM
I've been searching around for a supplier in the Toronto area for a Nakamichi stereo. First of all, from everyone's experience, is the basic CD-300 good? I'm not looking for a zillion features, but rather simplicity and a nice solid, crisp sound. What are the comparisons between the CD-300, 400 and 500? Will I be missing out on anything by going with the basic one? My objective is to be able to listen to music at a decent volume on the highway with the windows and sunroof open, rather than to announce to the neighbourhood that I'm around *no-no*

The store I found is in the College and Dovercourt area, and their website is www.number1sound.com

Give them a shout and ask for George. Let him know that Nuno recommended them for a Nakamichi stereo if anybody is looking for one.