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12-08-2007, 05:26 PM
This is an excellent quality system for someone just getting into the hobby, someone looking for a smaller system for another room. Perfect system for an appartment or condo. All equipment was purchased at my local hifi store and was never abused, dusted daily. Approx 250-300 hours played on all equipment.

Rega Brio 3 integrated amp.

The third generation of Brio the Brio 3 now boasts a modified power supply and up-rated power transformer.

The increased power output (49 watts per channel into 8W) of the Brio 3 greatly improves control and musical performance over its predecessor.

Rather than having unnecessary gadgets and frills usually found on products in this price range, the Brio 3 utilises the highest quality components to achieve the best sonic performance.

The output amplifier is built around a pair of Sanken 150w Darlington output transistors and an electronic circuit protects against shorted speakers and reactive loads of 1.7W or less.

The power supply uses the new generously rated toroidal transformer and 10,000µF smoothing capacitors that provide enough current to drive the hardest of loads.

If excellent sound quality and affordable price is your priority then the Brio 3 may be the ideal amplifier for you.





B&W 601 s2



All equipment was purchased with one goal in mind, excellent quality sound with no distortion on a budget. PM me for individual prices on pieces but want to get $1250 for the complete set up. Will include tributaries biwire and audioquest interconnects. Currently using power chords that came with my equipment as I didn't see any noticable differences when I tried other chords.