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11-22-2007, 08:20 PM


well i started to work on the 2.7 stroker and..

i will reassemble this combo with my i head to get 8:5:1 instead of 8:8:1 so i can boost in the future,

89 I head
89 I block
84 e internals (rods+bearings) (crank+bearings) (pistons)


with my bro, and of coarse i ordered bearings for the rods and mains for a 84e since thats the internals i have for it, but since its an 89i block, my bearings dont work in the 89i end caps. the odd part is the block main bearing groove fits half the bearing fine, and the 89i end cap seems different, my 84e block and end caps looks like it will work, so i'm wondering, can i use my end caps from the 84 eblock on my 89i block to use the 84e bearings?

i gotta call the machine shop my bro is telling me if he honned where the crank was i cant do it for sure. i assume the e and i block are identical and the end caps are different and half the bearing is different. and my bro is saying to keep the end caps i have (89i ones) since it has 2 groves in it that holds the bearings that it would be better then the 84e end caps that has 1 grove in to hold the bearing in.

any guru's wana throw some input on this?


11-22-2007, 09:42 PM
sorry the above was supposed to say 89 I block, not E.. its fixed now, sorry for the confusion..

craz azn
11-23-2007, 12:12 AM
Zomg. This guy is still on here!!? I thought you got laughed off here last time you posted. You should try switching those bearing caps, try them backwards too for arguments sake. It might gain 5hp as I am sure that 2 dollar paint job did along with your dual exhaust and backwards sideskirts.