View Full Version : Can a supplier out there beat Pelican??

11-20-2007, 09:34 AM
I'm looking to do a full timing belt/water pump change. I've priced out Pelican's Water Pump Super Kit for a '90 325i.


Can a local supplier beat their pricing?? I've ordered many things from them for my Porsche and I'm very happy with them, but the stuff takes quite a while to arrive and i hate paying duty.

Here's the list (I believe the Mxxx portion is a Pelican only part # addition)

11-31-1-267-746-M9 Tensioner Spring for Timing Belt Adjusting Pulley Assembly,

11-31-1-280-960-M9 Guide Pin for Timing Belt Tensioner,

11-31-1-469-240-M21 Timing Belt (round teeth),

11-51-1-469-236-M21 Belt, Alternator 10 X 965,

11-51-9-070-759-M52 Water Pump and Gasket,

11-53-1-265-084-M16 Thermostat O-Ring, 60 X 3.5,

11-53-1-718-980-M101 Water Hose, Radiator/Lower,

11-53-1-722-218-M101 Water Hose, Radiator/Upper,

11-53-1-722-692-M17 Gasket, Thermostat Housing,

17-11-1-117-442-M9 Radiator Mount, Qty: 2

17-11-1-178-412-M200 Rubber Insulator for Lower Radiator Mount, Qty: 2

17-11-1-742-232-M148 Radiator Cap, 318i/is/iC (1991),

11-53-1-466-174-71-M322 Thermostat, 71 Degrees,

PEL-TOL-103236T Fan Clutch Wrench, 32mm x 36mm,

PEL-TOL-3008 Counter Holder, for 6 Cylinder Cars,

11-52-1-466-000-M38 Fan Clutch,

11-14-1-275-466-M30 Crankshaft Seal, Front,

11-14-1-269-557-M9 Rubber Seal for Timing Belt Cover,

11-14-1-720-903-M17 Gasket for Front Engine Cover,

11-31-1-468-743-M40 Belt Tensioner Pulley

11-12-1-285-609-M213 Camshaft Seal, Intermediate Shaft Seal, 38 x 50 x 7, Qty: 2

11-12-1-265-087-M213 Cam Flange O-Ring (RED)

PM pricing and availability if you can.


11-20-2007, 06:00 PM
try tischer BMW, they have great prices

11-20-2007, 06:19 PM
Precision in my sig probably can match\beat them