View Full Version : 318 engine 1.9L & many other misc for sale!!!

11-14-2007, 08:53 PM
I need to clean out my garage so I have many things for sale. I will be leaving to come up to Toronto on Friday for Importfest this weekend so I can bring up anything you want provided a small deposite. The item that I want to move the most is a BMW 318 1.9L engine. It does have low compression in one of the cylinders but it would make a perfect project toy. Come with header, ECU and wireing harness, with our w/o tranny, alternator, stearing pump and A/C.

Just engine w/o alt, stearing pump and A/C - $250, with all that - $400. Tranny add another $100. Make me an offer, I need my engine stand!

This among many other items can be seen at my Garage Sale website:

As I am leaving in 2 days please email me adriano_oppio@hotmail.com with any questions. PMs will take longer for me to answer if I do at all. You can also call my cell 519-796-6619 AFTER 8 PM. Everything is open to offer.

What isn't listed is my 1998 M3 parts car. I have the rear bumper (no valance) and trunk lid still left among many interior parts (no seats or M3 goodies). Ask if interested.

Please also check the "looking for" section as I need a few odds and ends.

11-15-2007, 02:56 AM
i suggested your motor to whoever was interested in mine, no luck, you know where mine is going.