View Full Version : AVIC-N3, XM ratellite radio, XM NavPro traffic monitor

10-29-2007, 11:04 PM
So my panasonic unit is a few years old and has taken its fair share of beating being moved in and out of my bmw and winter cars for a while. I think i'm going to retire it to only winter car use. And after a long battle of trying to figure out a way to build a minipc for nav use, i decided to just buy something simpler and abandon custom plans.

So for next year, i'm probably going to pick up an Avic-n3.
(unless someone gives me reason not to)

Anyway, i was thinking of getting XM sattelite radio aswell, and i've used the service a number of times. The music is fine, but i dont mind listening to MP3 cds that much, so the selling point for me would be NavPro traffic. This system was recently implemented in toronto, and although its not yet available to canadian subscribers, it does work in toronto. From what i've heard though
A) it doesn't work well, and
B) in toronto, they dont have flow measuring yet (speed of traffic), they only incident reporting, which shows you where there are accidents.

Does anyone have a similar setup?

Comments plz.