View Full Version : Are your footwell & defront vents blowing warmer than the mid vents?

10-25-2007, 06:57 PM

I've got an 07 328i base model. I complained to the dealer that I seem to have heat coming from the floor boards.

Well, now that it's cooler I noticed that the footwell and defrost vents blow much warmer than the mid vents when I have the AC on. In fact, the only time the top and bottom blow cold is when I have the MAX button depressed or if I have the t'stat set to 60. Anything including 61 and above... the footwell and defrost vents blow warm with the AC on.

And yes, I have the knob turned all the way to the left toward the blue.

To further describe what I'm experiencing... it's as if the footwell and defrost vents have their own "knob" and someone put it in the middle rather than all the way to the left.

But this sucks because if the climate control is at AUTO... the car is simply too warm. To maintain a comfortable temp I have to put it manually into mid vent and then set the temp accordingly.