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10-21-2007, 07:31 PM
Im selling my Dads Mazda 626. Its an ES-V6 Model so it comes fully loaded.

- Car is fully loaded, all power option incuding windows, locks, mirrors.
- Leather seats
- Sunroof.
- Keyless entry
- CD Player.
- Auto.
- 307 km (90 % highway, used to commute over 100km a day).

- New front brakes and serviced the rear.
- Tires balanced and Rotated
- New passenger side inner and outer tie rod
- New lower control arms with new balljoints and bushings.
- New stabiliser links.
- Full tune up
- Viper remote car starter
- Alignment.

- Front tires are fine but are worn out on the inside from previous poor alignment thus causing it to pull a little.
- Abs not working (Not sure what it is, I havent bothered with it since he didnt like it anyways)
- Some rust on the trunk and rear door
- Valve cover gaskets leak some oil.

Car will come emissions tested, its still valid. Car passed with flying colours. The brakes, tie rods, balljoints and stabaliser links were all done within the last two weeks. My dad was planning to drive this through the winter but plans have now changed and the car is no longer needed. He is the original owner and were looking for $2500 obo . The car is in excellent mechanical shape just a few little things here and there. If the asking price is met I will get it cert also. We would like to start a project car will be interested in trade for a decent e30. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, not trying to hide anything here. Thanks!


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Still here boys and girls!

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Make me a reasonable offer.

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