View Full Version : flyby questions

01-13-2003, 12:53 AM
whats the fastest flyby videos youve seen? the fastest ive seen is like 60 miles an our, and a friend and I were thinkin bout makin an almost topspeed flyby, but if someone already has then we may not.

dont flame bout 'unsafe' and stuff please


01-13-2003, 01:14 AM
Hmm, probably of a McLaren F1 (street legal car) doing 220-230mph if you're talking about videos downloaded from the net.

01-13-2003, 01:51 AM

oh well, we'll probbly do it anyways. thanks

01-14-2003, 05:36 AM
High speed flyby's in the rain would look the best.

I wouldn't suggest doing them though

01-16-2003, 12:38 AM
theres this one with these two guys goin 200+ in an R33 skyline. the car is silver and its goin through a tunnel. lots of people call it a "porsche" on the download but it is a skyline, just incase u look for it.

01-16-2003, 07:52 PM
I have a vid of a red SVT Lightning blowing by the camera at 140+ mph with the blower screaming! If anyone wants it, email me!