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10-06-2007, 07:18 PM
m Tech 1 steering wheel 30$
stock e30 air box with k&n filter 30$
k&n cone air filter (e36)

mint e30 Dash 60$

2# Audiobahn AS62Q
6-3/4" 2-way car speakers 50$ OBO

2# pioneer 6.5'' Speakers - TS-A1655 $50 OBO

stock e30 speakers front and rear

big 6 afm meter

e30 325e old style rubber intake boot

4 brand new sealed beams 5$

2 e30 power mirrors (black)

325e external fuel pump

OBC swap 13 button

e30 stock radio with radio code

front e30 headlight smileys depo's right side complete and left side just low beam no mounting for the left side will sell it for 100$ no connecters

e30 kick panal

318 m10 / e30 m3 k&n air filter barley used 30$
and some more parts to come

10-08-2007, 11:34 AM
pm's replyed i laso got a 325es lip for metel bumpers with old valence