View Full Version : E46 rims for sale(off my 92 E36)

10-06-2007, 04:44 PM
I had these rims for sale a while ago and decided not to sell them cause I was keeping the car. Of course something else has come up now so they are for sale again. I don't know what you guys would call them but I know them as being the M3 17" Sport wheels. The rims are wrapped in Fuzion Tires. I purchased the tires brand new. Front rims are 7.5 with 235 45 17's. Rears are 8.5" with 255 40 17's. The rubber is in excellent shape. The tires might have 4000kms on them. They are on my 92 325i. Its got 86,000kms on it and I baby it so tires have never been spun. If you want them for your E36 I will throw in spacers and 20 chrome wheel bolts for another $50. A little about the rims. 1 front rim was purchased brand new 2 years ago. I pieced together 3 and couldn't wait to find a fourth so I bought it new. It was around $450. The other front I have is straight with no dents or cracks but I'm sure it was driven on with a flat cause its scuffed and chipped around the edge. I've smoothed it over but it needs a quick coat of paint now. The two rears had a couple small marks on them which I smoothed over and just touched up. The rims, aside from the one front all look great. This package looks and handles amazing on an E36. Without a spacer on the back they touch every once in awhile. With the spacer there are no probs. Fronts are good without spacers. Gives an E36 an aggressive stance. I'd love to unload these as soon as possible so give me a call. 519 485-2077.
Ask for Mark. price $1200 (picture is of the style of rim but not actual rim). I will post pics of the actual rims tomorrow to show you what condition they are in.

10-08-2007, 09:32 PM
Here's a few shots of the actual rims. If someone wants just the rims I will sell them seperatly. $750.

10-08-2007, 09:41 PM
The first pic is of the brand new front rim. Second is of the tread which is the same all around. Pic 3 is of a 1.5" touch up on one rear rim. Last two pics are of the front rim that is scuffed around the edge. Just needs a quick spray.