View Full Version : obd1 conversion/24v swap parts.

10-02-2007, 06:08 PM
ok i have a almost complete obd1 conversion. and some 24v swap parts.
no ecu or obd1 fuel rail.

OBD I Wiring Harness
OBD I Crank Sensor
OBD I Cam Sensor
OBD I Knock Sensors (2)
OBD I Intake Manifold
OBD I Oxygen Sensor
OBD I Main engine coolant hose (spider hose.)
OBD I Throttle Body

and obd1 valve cover with matching coils.(6)

also i have e34 m50 oil pan with pick up tube and dipstick.

modified tranny brace made by Dougsic, prolly want what i paid for it no more or no less for the brace. brace is so you can use your getrag 260 in the 24v swap.

anyways this is just a feller i dont think i will seperate the package. i dont need to sell this stuff i was just thinking it could be some extra cash for my trip to europe. what do you guys think its all worth together?. \thanks,

10-02-2007, 11:27 PM