View Full Version : Group Buy: e30, e24 skid plates

09-26-2007, 08:40 PM
Just passing the info about group buy for skid plates: if your car is lowered you might consider oil pan protection.
I am getting one for my e24.

GB conditions posted by Jon Volk:

The group buy on the skidplates will run from today through Friday October 12th.


To participate in the group buy please send an email to skidplates@666fabrication.com with the following information.....

Your name

Which skidplate(s)you will be purchasing E24 and/or E30 (M20 or M42)

How you plan to pay....Paypal or credit card. If paypal include your paypal email so we can send an invoice or phone number and best time to call for credit card.

Your shipping address

After October 12th we will add up all the orders and contact you with the final price. I will also post it up here as well. Payment will be due on Monday October 15th and must be received no later than Thursday October 18th as the order for the aluminum and hardware will be placed the following Friday.

If you have any questions about the skidplates please email us at our regular email address of info@666fabrication.com. ONLY email skidplates@666fabrication.com if you are sending your information to participate in the group buy.

pics/info and installation instructions can be found here.


DO NOT order from the website if you are participating in the group buy.