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01-09-2003, 11:23 PM
Heya all I have a Clifford Intelliguard 9000 for sale, 3 remotes OMNI sensor, extended range reciever. I upgraded my alarm so this one is a great alarm for your prized BMER. Everything is included for the install, mind you wires do need to be spliced for install as there was alot of wires. But this in no way should cause any problems for an install. Especially for someone whos knows what they are doing.

This is the top of the line in the Intelliguard series, so you are getting a GREAT alarm, not some cheapo system.

Here's some of the features:

One Master Remote with 16 channels (extended range) (ACG 2 anti-code grabbing protection) (low remote control battery warning)
One Companion remote
PlainView 2 coded valet mode (select your own code)
BlackJax anti-carjacking/self-recovery system
Night Vision Headlight illumination
Front window autoclose upon remote arming
Remote controlled valet mode
Built-in two point AutoImmobilizer
Remotely adjustable dual-zone proximity sensor 4 detects movement in passenger compartment and outside windows
Remotely adjustable dual-zone Omnisensor detects theft-related vibrations/impacts
Smart Dataport input (for control of your system via Windows)
FACT anti-false alarm circuitry
Passive autoarming if you forget to arm with the remote
High output Medallion siren (selectable siren sounds) (selectable 30/60/90 second siren duration) (remote controlled chirp muting) (selectable quitechirps/loudchirps)
Power door lock control
Ignition switch controlled autolocking/autounlocking
Remote panic feature
Built-in timer circuit for optional turbo timer
Built-in parking light flasher
Courtesy lights turn on when you disarm with the remote
Specific trigger/sensor identification when triggered
Smart prior intrusion attempt alert
TotalRecall 8-event trigger/sensor memory report
remote control code learning
Clear all remotes if ever lost or stolen
LED status indicator (flash indications reveal status) (automatic battery saving mode)
Multiple vehicle control from the same remote
Multiple sensor/trigger inputs
User programmable features (programmable even while driving)

Here's a link


The feature chart


I am open to some serious offers

01-09-2003, 11:29 PM
Here is a shot of the unit:

01-10-2003, 01:30 AM
Hey Jerry,

What's the retail on one of those? I'll offer you $80, I don't know how much they go for so I don't know what to offer you. Let me know, thanks!

I just found out it was $600US, wow too much. Thanks anyways.


01-15-2003, 12:44 AM
Bump?? Anyone $300???? I gotta sell it letme know