View Full Version : Powerflex FCAB's, a review/DIY, of sorts.

09-13-2007, 09:31 PM
My bushings were almost completely ripped apart, so i decided to go the urethane route, instead of putting in an m3 bushing.

Found that the cost of the m3 bushings were close to equivalent of the powerflex ones. I had heard that powerflex is a really good name in urethane bushings, so i decided to go with them.

The hardest part is getting the old ones off. I used a coping saw to cut what was left of the old bushing apart, and that allowed me to pull the lollypop off the control arm.

Then, i used a sawzall to cut lengthwise the metal rings still on/in the lollypop and the control arm, and hammered them out/off with an air chisel.

The new bushings i pressed half in with a shop press, then the rest of the way with a rubber mallet. Once they get started, they go easy. MAKE SURE YOU GET THEM IN THE RIGHT WAY!!!! I messed one up, and had to cut the lollypop in half to get the bushing out. Thankfully, i had a spare.

They hammer onto the control arm with very little difficulty. Again, i used a rubber mallet. After, i just used a punch in the bolt hole to line them up and get them back on the little raised bosses in the frame rail.

Total time start to finish: an hour, if you have a lift, and dont screw one up, like i did.

Feel is 100 times better. My old ones were completely shot, so i had insane bump steer, and a shaky steering wheel at speed and under braking. All those problems are either completely solved or way way better. I didnt notice a big increase in road noise either.

My verdict:
One of the best sub-$100 'mods' i've done on my car. Handling is a huge deal in these cars, and these bushings definitely perform. Props to Karim at Corner73 for hooking me up with them. Definitely a recommended seller.

09-13-2007, 09:47 PM
they werent m3 offset?

09-13-2007, 10:01 PM
no, the offset ones arent ideal for the iX geometry. so i didnt use them.