View Full Version : HID issue

09-05-2007, 09:37 PM
Posting in this forum because I believe most of you use smiliar kits. My passenger side light has been an issue over the past few weeks. Currently, I can't even get it to fire up. It flickers for about half a second than dies out and the lowbeam warning light comes on. I've swapped HID bulbs to no success, I've by-passed the HID kit and reinstalled an OEM bulb and that worked. Is it likely that the ballast is faulty or more likely just bad wiring? How can I tell if I'm getting sufficient power and if theres a problem how can I tell where in the line it is? Judging by the popularity and helpfullness of propr'one I very much doubt it's the ballast...that and I don't want to have to remove it!