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09-04-2007, 09:49 AM
E30 Parts !

Here are some M20 parts I've got lying around, if someone needs something, just PM me. All of the parts are located in Pembroke, ON. I frequently make trips to Ottawa and Kingston, so if anyone needs to pickup or get anything delivered, let me know.

M20 camshaft (from 1990 325i, 175000 km): $60 + ship.

M20 block (from 1990 325i, 175000km): $125 local pickup or local delivery preferred.

- Completely bare. The block is in very good shape. Still has the intermediate shaft bearings in it, and they're in good shape. Ready for general cleanup and rebuild. Use for a stroker project or just a stock rebuild.

M20 Oil Pan $50 + ship.

- Good shape, a few scratches on the front, but nothing out of the ordinary. Threads on the plug are still in good shape, so there's no problem getting a seal.

M20 2.5L crank (from 1990 325i, 175000km): $50 local pickup or local delivery preferred.

M20 Camshaft gear $10 + ship.

0 261 200 173 Motronic 1.3 ECU from 1990 325i (chipped) $40 + ship.

0 261 200 174 Motronic 1.3 ECU from 1990 325i (stock) $30 + ship.

1987 325is engine wiring harness w/ main, O2 heater, and fuel pump relays. $60 + ship.

1990 325is throttle body w/TPS $50 + ship.

1989 325is TPS $20 + ship.

M20 L-ICV... works fine, opens and closes strongly. $40 + ship.

M20 T-ICV... works fine, opens and closes strongly. $40 + ship.

Ireland Engineering Adjustable FPR w/ Gauge. Billet aluminum fuel pressure regulator. Fits all E30's including M3. Brand new, never used. Comes with all hardware needed to install it. Goes for $145 on IE's website. $125 + ship.

M20 fuel rail, very good condition. $15 + ship.

M20 325is intake manifold $40 + ship.

- has cosmoline on it, but other than that, would look good polished.

M20 325is injectors (6) $25 + ship.

- Ready for a refresh, need tips and o-rings. Each injector was tested after removal, they all work well, none are gummed up.

M20 needle bearing and deck cover for intermediate shaft (new in packaging from dealer) $40 + ship.

- If you're rebuilding an M20 block, these are very good parts to replace. Part #'s 11 41 1 276 333 and 11 11 1 265 412. The intermediate shaft is what runs your oil pump, not many people replace these when rebuilding an M20 block.

84-88 325e, 325i M20 Radiator hose kit (from Bavauto.com). Includes all needed hoses for replacing your coolant hoses on your early model E30's. Brand new, never used. Part # HK32587 at Bavauto.com. Includes all hoses and clamps. $70 + ship.

Stock e30 control arm bushings (by Meyle) $5 + ship.



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