View Full Version : Vacuum piping on throttlebody?

08-31-2007, 07:17 PM
Finally time for me to start my own thread in the FI section!

Going to be putting a supercharger into the iX within the next month or so. Starting at 5psi and working from there.

My question deals with the vacuum lines on the throttlebody that go to the intake boot and brake booster.

On the older e30's (up to '88) on the right side of the throttlebody there is 2 vacuum hoses. they run parallel, and are connected at the end by a sort of check valve. one of them runs back into the intake boot. the check valve is connected into the brake booster.

What of this, if any, has to be changed in a boosted setup? Can i switch to the later e30 throttlebody/vacuum lines (88+ had only one line, straight into the booster) with no issues?

ICV is not an issue, thats already been dealt with.