View Full Version : How To: Bmw Nav White Screen Of Death Fix

08-24-2007, 01:48 AM
Hi, i recently tried to update my MkIII with MKIV softare by accident. well it ended up screwingup and i was left with a white screen. After countless hours bashing my head and trying to figure out how to fix this, with the help of daytonaviolet. this is how we fixed it. i downloaded OS version 26 (lots of ppl said it wont work with MKIII, IT DOES!)

this is where i downloaded it


if you have the white screen just download v26, burn it with alcohol and turn ignition on position 1, pop in this cd, after a few seconds it will say ****SOFTWARE UPDATE****
wait a few seconds it will start updating, after about 5 minites or so it will be complete. afterward when u pop in ur nav cd it will say please insert key cd. download it from here


burn it the same way. pop it in., after few seconds everything will be good. take out key cd and pop in nav cd thats it.

i put this info up becaues it took me and ultraviolet countless hours to figure it out. so if you have this problem no need to suffer like i did. this is how to do it. Enjoy! thanks again ultraviolent!!!!