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07-22-2007, 09:45 PM
hi all!

new to this forum...

i have a mod question for you guys. i own a 325xi that i want to lower. what shocks and springs do you guys recommend? what model and make will fit?

thanks in advanced!

07-24-2007, 11:11 AM
modding an xi is a bit tougher than typical E46s :(
The typical combination for shocks and springs would be koni shocks + H&R sport springs or koni + eibach pro kit springs (that's what I have). You need to get xi specific models, so make sure of that when you buy. Most likely you will have to order from the US. Springs/shocks lower around 1" - 1.5" depending, which makes the a bit higher than sport-package height... this has something to do with the 4wd system not allowing the car to go too low. If you want it slammed you'll need to get coilovers, which I don't know much about. I believe there're KW variant 1s out for the xi... and Koni came out with xi height adjustable coilovers as well? Should try consulting an expert on this one.
Gd luck and happy modding :)

07-24-2007, 10:43 PM
thanks buddy.

ya, that's what i've been reading and hearing as well. a bit of a bummer. but nonetheless, i'll figure it out.

how about this. got another question. i just picked up the car from the dealer so i got warranty till 2009...if i was to mod it, would it void the warranty...either shocks & springs or coilovers...would installing them cause any problems with the dealer?

thanks in advance!

07-25-2007, 09:26 AM
The short answer to that is "yes". But then, they can't void your warranty if they never knew u had aftermarket stuff on it :) If you have a good service guy, I doubt they'd give you any trouble unless the aftermarket part played a role in breaking anything.
Another thing is if you're getting suspension, you might as well get the Rogue Eng. rear shock mounts so you don't have to change out the original later when they fail. These guys are a lot sturdier.
But ya, in general the xi is very unfriendly for modding - I just found out last week that u can't turn DSC completely off on our cars like the rest of the E46s. So if you're looking for a car to do extensive mods on, you could still turn back and switch to a 325ci (should be the same price as an xi). I think the dealer gives you 7 days money back guarantee or something? Having said that, xi is a beast in the snow with snow tires, and for fast cornering it's almost impossible to spin out...