View Full Version : Puts a layer of glass over your paint

01-05-2003, 12:36 AM
I tried this product called "GLARE" the other day from my friend who distributes it.

I can truly suggest it to any of my MaxBimmer brothers. My cars paint shines like I have never seen it shine before. It is also more difficult for my vehicle to become dirty and is less succeptable to the harse Canadian environment (salt, snow) due to the invisible layer it forms over your paint.

This product works on a two step system.

The car obviously has to be washed and dryed first. Once this is complete, you apply the pink thick fluid, buff on and buff off. AFter this you buff the brown thick fluid off and on.

The link to the site is www.autopolish.net

Contains Glassplexin®
Eliminates waxing forever!
Stands up to wash and wear!
Forms a rock hard shield!
Protects against ultra violet rays!
Blocks out corrosion!
Exclusive Glassplexin® formula!
Polish magnifies paint luster!
Won't crack, fade, or fall off!
Repels foreign matters!
No resins, plastics, or waxes!
No renewals!
Protection up to 5 year warranty!
Protects, preserves, beautifies, and deodorizes!
Resist aging!
Color stays brighter, longer!
Increases trade-in value!
Used successfully by new car dealers worldwide!
Create a wet look!