View Full Version : 2002 bmw m3 HELP!!!

06-30-2007, 07:57 PM
HI, i have a 02 m3 that wont go into reverse, 1st or 2nd gear... It has to be forced in with a lot of might! I also noticed a leak underneath the car by the trunk... What can this be?


07-02-2007, 11:59 AM
ive experienced this same sensation once in my Honda DelSol, couldnt move the gear shift for shit, turned out it was my clutch, had to get it replaced. id look into that, good luck!

07-03-2007, 04:26 PM
It is often related to the clutch.

Check first if your clutch pedal comes back up when you release it. Does it come up all the way?

Check your brake fluid level to make sure you are not low.

Also check if you have a leak under the car, near the firewall. It could be a leaky slave cylinder.

The other possibility is a faulty shifter.

Let us know.