View Full Version : Another happy Bimmersport customer ...

06-27-2007, 11:05 AM
As if Charlie and the guys at bimmersport really need more praise :) but I had my first bimmersport experience yesterday and was very pleased.

To be honest, with all the hype on this forum about these guys I almost thought that there was no way they could be that good. Well, my story goes like this.

The car started leaking coolant on the weekend (slowly) and even with my massive amounts of auto mechanic knowledge :P I was unable to find the leak, frustrating to say the least. Called BMW and made an appointment for a week from now. But I really wanted to know where the leak was coming from before I put my wallet in the hands of BMW service. So, I called up bimmersport, talked to Charlie and had my car in first thing the next morning (yesterday) to have it diagnosed, free of charge.

Not only did he find the source of the leak in about 5 minutes, he had the part ordered and the car fixed the same day AND installed the new belts that I had sitting in the car waiting for me to make some time to install ... all for much less than I would have paid at BMW.

Thanks guys!! I'll be back ... hopefully not too soon though ... no offence! ;)

Boots R
06-27-2007, 11:32 AM
haha awesome man. Good to hear. *th-up*

I've got some parts I need fixed / installed, but I never have time. :(