View Full Version : E30 black "pleather" interior

06-22-2007, 09:21 PM
Up for grabs i have black "pleather" interior out of a E30 91 318iS. the passenger seat is in great position and the drivers is in okay condition but has the usual seat rip and another rip on the side, but sitll looks good. IMO i prefer the pleather interior due to the materials last longer and dont get as ripped and cracked compared to regular leather sport seats. Rear bench seat DOES NOT have the hole for the ski bag shit since it was in a 318iS and is in 10/10 condition.

Pics:(these are old the only differnce is the drivers seat has 2 more rips but it should give you an idea of how the seats look. I will take a better pic of the fronts ASAP.)

$250 obo

06-23-2007, 10:40 AM
forgot to add both front driver and passenger seats are in excellent mechanical condition too.

06-23-2007, 10:59 AM
how much for the back bench?

06-23-2007, 11:01 AM
150 and i give you my back seat?

06-24-2007, 12:52 PM
^^^if ur serious, shure i can do that just flash some $$ in my face and its yours!!

06-24-2007, 12:54 PM
ok sounds good. if you can hold onto it untill not this weekend but next ill be down for sure.. i just had a random thing i had to pay for so i need a few weeks to get a little bit of cash..but im reallly interested for sureee

alex a
06-26-2007, 02:00 PM
i need the 2 fronts call me alex ill pick them up asap 647 201 8862

06-30-2007, 09:48 AM
am i able to come see that back seat today?