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06-14-2007, 06:35 PM

Axxis ULT Ceramic Brake Pads 323/325/328i/Ci/Xi FRONT & REAR

Axxis Ultimate brake pads feature a special Kevlar® and ceramic-strengthened formula with a high co-efficient of friction and excellent high temperature wear and fade resistance. Axxis Ultimate brake pads are designed for ultra-high performance driving and hard-braking applications, Axxis Ultimate brake pad users will benefit with extreme stopping power and high resistance to brake fade at high temperatures, meaning the decrease in friction over repeated heavy duty stops, as the temperature increases, is minimal. Axxis Ultimate brake pads boast a maximum continuous working temperature of 550° C (1022° F degrees). Axxis Ultimate brake pads provide consistent braking throughout its operating temperature range, you'll get dependable, predictable stops time after time while maintaining a solid pedal feel.

Ceramic formulation
High performance applications
Excellent high temperature wear
Extreme fade resistance
Exceptional performance ability
Non-asbestos, low metal content

US List Price= $110 plus tax, duty, exchange, S&H, my Price $90 Can both Front & Rear Pads *th-up*

06-14-2007, 08:01 PM
wow nice price!

brake pads from Brambo is $45 each!!

$90 super great price!! free bump!

06-15-2007, 09:32 AM
Bump bump bump