View Full Version : aargh i'm so mad!

02-05-2002, 03:44 PM
I was ready to go get my front tires replaced today seeing as how they're slowly losing pressure too often for my liking, only to find out this morning my car sitting on it's rim with the front passenger tire blown out :(

i went to put the spare tire on, and it's not the same size as the rest of my wheels (my winter set are all steel wheels like those found on the 318i) so now i'm on a quest to get a new tire while my car is sitting in the driveway jacked up. Luckily nothing was damaged, not even the rim, but i managed to cut my hands really badly getting the tire out of the sprare tire compartment. The stupid bmw jack fell on my hand and cut it up pretty bad. :mad:

not the best of luck today, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.
for now....my bmw sits in the driveway until my father can take me to the tire shop thursday =/