View Full Version : Brullen exhaust with custom piping to fit on to a M3/328/325/323

12-30-2002, 09:23 PM
Well, I took this exhaust off, it is a nice deep sound, just a bit to bassy for my liking, there is only 200 kms on the exhaust and has piping at the end with chrome OEM tips so it will fit directly on your 6cyl e36. It's a dual inlet and can be easily welded for 45$ as all the piping is all set up. Full stainless Steel. I will post a pic tonight, just don't feel like going out to the garage right now.
PM me with any questions or reply here.

I paid 180cdn for it, it is slighty used, but has the extra piping and tips already on it which will save you over 50$ eaisly.