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05-26-2007, 01:44 AM
I believe the young lad is name Fedon, me and a few Volvo enthusiasts have been scammed by this shaddy young lad a couple years back, and quite few of us never got the parts we paid for. I've been browsing here on MaxBimmer as a guest for a little short period, and I noticed he just recently signed up to this forum. I guess what comes around goes around.

Be careful with this character, here are some proof, you may need to log in to read it.



basically he puts up stuff for sale way back in June 2004, and many of us have paid him in July of 2004, and by September of 2004, we have received a big box of nothing. Even with help of some Toronto-area residents, he still refused to resolve the issue.

Fedon, we sincerely hope you get what you deserve.

05-29-2007, 10:55 AM
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