View Full Version : Fs: 87 325 $1100

12-29-2002, 09:43 PM
I have a 87 352 with 190k its still runs but i've been having a few problems with it lately and I am looking to sell it. Here are the few problems with it, needs new brakes/rotors/tires, exhaust, going to need a new clutch soon, idle need adjustment its getting pretty bad, short in the overhead warning system somewhere the lights go on and off at random times every once in a while, a few other small problems with it. but shes a daily driver still and still in somewhat decent shape. new battery alternator thermostat and belts all within the last year.well thats a quick estimate of whats going on. I'm hoping to get around 1100 or best offer for her.

heres my email bostonbmweric@hotmail.com
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