View Full Version : Feeler Small 2-way stereo

05-16-2007, 09:26 PM
Feeler for my stereo I've built up over the past months. All items were bought at my local hifi shop and all minus the cd player are warrantable. Sound quality is top notch and is excellent for anyone new to high end 2-way listening or even a small system for an audiophile. Looking for $1700 obo considering the time used, the speakers haven't even completed their break in period.

Rega Brio3 integrated amp
B&W 601 S2
Tributaries bi-wire two six foot spans
Audioquest Sidewinder interconnects

Simply does not get used enough while my home theater is being used none stop and I want a new sub! PM or reply here if interested or have any questions. Pics available if people are interested.

edit ~ going as a package, not parting. Trades possible for other audio gear