View Full Version : set of rare 4 Japanese 3-piece WORK Rims, fits BMW

04-29-2007, 09:56 PM
WORK Co. Ltd. is Japan's premiere manufacturer of high quality automotive performance wheels. I am selling my set of 4 WORK Ewing 3 rims. They are very light, 3 piece rims that had to be assembled when I bought them. They are gold and chrome, with 5 spokes.

The work cap comes off to reveal a key lock (I have 2 keys). You unlock this and rotate off the centre. Then a plate comes off to give access to the lug bolts.

I will include a set of lug bolts, 4 locking bolts, and the bolt lock key.

Size of the rims is 15x7. The bolt pattern is 5x120. I had them on an '89 635csi (see pic). They should fit the 5,6, and 7 series. I dont know for sure, but one reference said they would fit 3-Series (E36 '95-'99).

They were about $US 450 each when new. I will sell all 4 for $700 plus the bolts and keys. I had them on my car for 3 years, but I do less than 5,000 km/year, so they are in pretty good shape.

When I sold my 6er I hung on to them thinking I would get another BMW, but ended up with a Honda so they are not doing me any good sitting in my basement.