View Full Version : Ok Boys Here Is The Deal On The Kits And All The Other Stuff You Been Drooling for

02-04-2002, 03:35 AM
Here what i need you guys to do for me, email me with your request of parts.
Starting with the year, model car, what your looking for, and the brand. Reason being it's kind of hard for me to take down, what you guys are looking for and get back to you without getting confused with someone else. As some of you may have noticed the response was overwhelming. So lets keep it on a more professional level and just email me at


I m hoping to have better pictures soon of the kits i can get.
Now to anwser a few questions i have been asked: yes the kits are replicas made of fiberglass with a polyurethane resin, the conforty chps I have been in touch with the company in fact the sales rep that cover our area has left me a message saying that there are no group discounts price ????? he didn't say (they are getting too cocky) on a second note i can get the Dinan wich are just as good and seem to the second choice out there. But i haven't given up.

If you guys need any technical help with BMWs or any other car don't hesitate to contact me by email as i have noticed some of you are very knowledgeable, but if you need any electrical diagrams or troubleshooting chart flows, just let me know and I 'll make myself available to anyone, and email you the stuff.